Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prezi vs. PowerPoint

In my college career, I have been inundated with presentations. And we all know that no presentation is complete without a visual aid. Until a few months ago, the only visual aid I even knew existed was PowerPoint and is what I used for all of my presentations. I like PowerPoint because it is simple to use, although I think that the fact that we have been trained to use PowerPoint for years in school makes it seem easier. Also, because it is a Microsoft Office tool, formatting a PowerPoint presentation is very similar to something else that we have been thoroughly trained and seasoned in, and that is Microsoft Office. I always thought that PowerPoint wasn't the most visually appealing aid that you could use, but it was still a better option than using poster board so it is what I stuck with. Then along came Prezi.

I did a little research and found out that Prezi was released in 2009, and I wish that someone had told me about it sooner. It is SO much more interesting to look at than PowerPoint, and I think that it is refreshing to have a new type of presentation aid come onto the scene. The layouts and transitions between slides are more interesting and visually appealing than PowerPoint's, and they make it easier to convey your point and keep the audiences attention. This comes with a price though, as Prezi is not as simple to use as PowerPoint. Having to direct the path of the slides, and the different formatting options are more time consuming. But, once again, I will admit that my level of experience comes into play here, and once I become more seasoned with Prezi, it will begin to be easier for me to use.

All in all, I think that Prezi is a far better visual aid to PowerPoint, and I see why it is taking my college campus by storm. If you have a presentation to make, give Prezi a try and I doubt that you will be disappointed.

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