Thursday, October 18, 2012

Company Use of RSS

Wow! It is so hard to find an article from a credible source about a particular company that uses RSS feeds in the workplace to communicate to employees and potential consumers! But after literally hours of searching I found an article about how Natasa Lucic, an employee communicator and intranet content manager at Motorola, did research to find out the best way to circumvent this problem.

Lucic believes that using things such as RSS feeds and microblogs can greatly cut down on the information overload that many business employee’s experience. She has several suggestions on the best ways to implementing these communication tools effectively.

Get Manager Support:
First of all, it is important to have support from upper level managers in the workplace. The best way of implementing new communication tools is to get managers on board and help employee’s with the transition.

Deliver More Effective Training:
No matter how great a communication tool is, it won’t work if people don’t know how to use it. Have training seminars on the new tools and explain to employee’s why and how they should use them, and they will most likely chose to do so.

Acknowledge the E-mailers:
No matter the emphasis you place on new ways of communicating, there will still be those who prefer to use e-mail. E-mail is still a very effective way of communication and if employees prefer it, as opposed to newer channels, don’t force them to change.

Here is the link to the article written on the “simply communicate” website.

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