Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Dan Carlin, a reporter for Business Week, wrote an article a few months ago about the use of wikis for collaboration in companies. In this article, Carlin discusses 2 companies, Nokia and Dresdner Kleinwort, and how the use of wikis has drastically increased the efficiency of communication between colleagues in their companies by greatly reducing communication through email and, therefore, saving time and making things downright easier. He reports that at Dresdner Kleinwort, the head of e-commerce, Alex Thill, has cut down his email use by at least 75% and many of his colleagues have reported similar results. By cutting down on emails, employees are able to save the time and effort that would have previously gone into sifting through hundreds of emails, and as we all know saving time means saving money. He also reports that at Nokia, approximately 20% of its 68,000 employees currently use wiki pages to update schedules and project statuses, trade ideas, edit files, and so on. Carlin believes, and justly so, that as more companies realize the use of wikis in their organizations and implement their use, they will soon spread throughout the corporate world and become the more preferred means of collaboration.

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